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The EU Federation release Newsletter for Autumn 2022
EUF Newsletter Autumn 2022
1 November 2022

The EU Federation (EUF) has released the Autumn 2022 edition of its Newsletter. It highlights trends in the region and shares updates from the Chairman, Legal Committee, Economics & Statistics Committee and Prudential Risk Committee. Articles in this edition include:

by Mr. Fausto Galmarini, Chairman of the EUF

What’s up in legislation?
by Ms. Magdalena Wessel, Chair of the Legal Committee

IH 2022 Statistics – Year of Spectacular Growth of Factoring Turnover
by Ms. Magdalena Ciechomska-Barczak, Chair of the Economics and Statistics Committee

The CRR reform and factoring: more of the same or a step forward, at last?
by Mr. Diego Tavecchia, Chair of the PRC Committee

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About the EUF

The EUF is the representative body for the Factoring and Commercial Finance industry in the EU. Hosted by FCI, it comprises 15 national and 1 international industry associations that are active in the EU. Its members represent over 200 factoring providers in Europe, and together they represent around 97% of the total volume of the industry, which in 2012 was around €1.2 trillion.

The Federation acts as a platform between the factoring and commercial finance industry and key legislative decision-makers across Europe bringing together national experts to speak with one voice. The Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry has a valuable role to play in the EU economy, and the EUF will work to engage in debate with regulators and legislators to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits that the Industry has to offer.

The EUF seeks to engage with European Government and legislators to enhance the availability of finance to businesses, with a particular emphasis on the SME community. It seeks to ensure the continued provision of prudent, well-structured and reasonably priced finance to businesses across the EU.

It acts as a source of reference and expertise providing legislators and policymakers with vital industry information to inform, influence and assist with the direction of existing and future finance legislation.