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FCI 54th Annual Meeting 2022 – Save the Date!

Taking place in Washington DC, FCI’s 54th Annual Meeting will be the place to be on 19-23 June 2022 for all Receivables Finance professionals. The event will allow delegates to hear and discuss the latest developments and challenges going on in the Receivables Finance landscape. As this will be a live event, we look forward to the live networking aspect that we have all missed so much and of course, this will all be done in a safe environment. More information will be available in early 2022, but block out your calendar now!

Find out what happened at the 2021 Annual Meeting by reading the In-sight Newsletter, October edition here.

"FCI Annual Meeting - where the world of Factoring comes together - where diversity is valued - where international cooperation is real."
- C Eymery, Deutsche Factoring Bank

"FCI Annual Meeting is a great breakthrough knowing our counterparts and knowledge sharing"
- C Z Zen, RHB Bank Berhad