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FCI Academy 2023 Term 3
FCI Academy 2023 Term 3
25 May 2023

Remote online learning has always been the flagship of FCI Academy’s education offerings. We are proud of the fact that, over the last 11 years, more than 13,000 finance professionals, trusted our courses to enrich and improve their knowledge on Factoring & Receivables Finance. 

FCI Academy online courses are globally recognised, accredited & endorsed for their content and quality by International Academic Institutions and are included in the Education programmes of regional & multinational commercial & development banks. 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the Third term 2023 series of FCI Academy Online Courses & Certificate Programmes, starting on 5 July 2023. 

FCI Career Path 
Members Only | Starting from EUR 275 
The “FCI Career Path” education program is a cohesive, three-level development process which supports your staff from their first step as “new entrants in the receivables finance industry” until they become highly qualified “industry professionals”. It is a unique, globally acknowledged, career-focused learning plan. Students who successfully complete all three levels receive the FCI Gold Diploma. The three levels to the Career Path include: 

  • Foundation Course on Factoring - Level 1 
  • Intermediate Course on Factoring - Level 2 
  • Advanced Course on Factoring - Level 3 

Certificate Programme 
Open-to-All | Starting from EUR 425 
Our Certificate Programmes concentrate on the most important aspects of a factoring operation, namely Sales & Marketing, Operations, Risk Management & Legal issues. Their syllabuses have as a basis the Foundation Course on Factoring, complemented by specialised courses for each programme. The range of certificates in this programme includes: 

  • Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance 
  • Certificate of Legal Aspects in Receivables Finance 
  • Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance 

Specialised Online Courses 
Open-to-All | Starting from EUR 120 
These are short courses focusing on specific areas and operations in factoring, including Sales, Risk, Operations and Legal. The online courses include specific topics, supporting their effective onboarding & performance of their cross-border factoring business. The range of courses in this category includes: 

  • Selling and Marketing Factoring 
  • Pre-sales and seller On-boarding 
  • Seller Selection and Control 
  • Buyer Risk Control 
  • Dispute Prevention and Handling 
  • Legal Course 

The quality of your service is of paramount importance for the development of your domestic & international factoring business. As Export Factor, excellent service quality will help the Import Factors to handle your accounts smoothly. As Import Factor, excellent service quality will make you competitive, and increase your profitability. Knowledgeable staff is the key to excellent service quality. The FCI Courses will help you to achieve this. 

Registrations close on 28 June 2023 with the courses starting on 4 July 2023.

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FCI Academy On-Demand

Remote online learning has always been the flagship of FCI Academy’s education offerings. Recently the Academy launched the on-demand programme, allow those interested in the selected courses, to enrol and start studying immediately; no more waiting for the course to start! Discover the range of On-demand courses, including:

Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance Course
Non-Members only | Available On-Demand | EUR 100
This course is built for entry-level individuals with no experience or knowledge of the industry but who would like to understand the basic concept. It aims to enhance your skills and enrich your knowledge of this form of finance that shows significant growth during the last decades and that supports the physical Supply Chain and economic development (FCI & WTO data).

Fundamentals of Domestic and International Factoring Course
Non-Members only | Available On-Demand | EUR 375
This course gives entry-level individuals with basic working knowledge of the industry a comprehensive online introduction to the industry. It provides an overview of factoring including a brief history of the industry, FCI, the different types of factoring, the benefits, the methods and the mechanism of the two-factor system.​

Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring Course
Open-to-All | Available On-Demand | Starting from EUR 345
This course has been developed to provide you with an understanding of global trade, physical, financial, and information supply chains and identify their financial consequences. Additionally, this course will help you build the best SCF strategy and decide on the most suitable SCF solutions to be offered to your clients, including those that incorporate the Purchase Order Management Service and FCIreverse tools provided by FCI. 

Join the 13,000+ industry professionals who have trusted us to give them the best education in receivables finance, enrol in a course with the FCI Academy today.