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FCI Academy September 2022 Courses
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3 August 2022

As the world continues to be uncertain, how do you keep up-to-date with the evolving risks and understand how to adapt to the new environment? Foundation knowledge and continuing education play a big part in staying up-to-date, giving you the tools to adapt using modern technology and techniques. With this in mind, the FCI Academy has opened the Fundamentals on Domestic and International Factoring Course and the Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring Course for registration. The courses will start on 1 September, but registration for these courses closes on 25 August.

Fundamentals on Domestic and International Factoring Course

The Course offers all new factoring staff a comprehensive online introduction to the Industry. The E-learning Fundamentals on Domestic and International Factoring provides an overview of factoring, including a brief history of the industry, FCI, the different types of factoring, the benefits, the methods and the mechanism of the two-factor system.​ This course is suitable for new entrants to the industry and is appropriate for staff employed at all levels within the industry with less than 12 months of factoring experience.
Available in four (4) languages English, Chinese, Spanish and French.

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Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring Course

This supply chain finance (SCF) course has been developed to understand global trade, physical, financial, and information supply chains and identify their financial consequences. Additionally, this course will help you build the best SCF strategy and decide on the most suitable SCF solutions for your clients, including those that incorporate the Purchase Order Management Service and FCIreverse tools provided by FCI. This online course has been designed for all professionals working in banks, financial institutions, development banks, corporates, consultancy firms, exporting and importing companies, with an interest in trade finance and university students. The course modules include:

  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • Global Trade and the increased role of Open Account solutions
  • A briefing on Payables Finance and its Variations
  • Reverse Factoring – The Role of the Buyer
  • Establishing a Reverse Factoring Programme
  • FCI and Reverse Factoring

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If you are more entry-level or want to know more about the industry, the FCI Academy offers the Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance Course on-demand! Meaning you can start the moment you pay.

Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance Course - On-demand

The course aims to enhance your skills and enrich your knowledge of this form of finance that has shown significant growth during the last decades and supports the physical Supply Chain and economic development (FCI & WTO data). The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of Factoring & Receivables Finance, employed in the Finance Industry, Businesses & Corporates that participate in the physical Supply Chain, as well as for University students and Consulting & Law firms.

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FCI Academy constitutes the most complete education programme on Factoring & Receivables Finance, providing a wide range of globally recognised and accredited educational offerings that aim to support personal, corporate and market development globally. If you want to know more about the FCI Academy or are interested in finding out about our other educational offerings, click here. Join the 12,000+ students that have successfully followed the FCI Education Programmes and enrol today.