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FCI & BCR join forces to bring you the latest webinar on rebooting factoring practice for the post COVID-19 “New Normal”
Rebooting Your Factoring Practice for the Post COVID-19 “New Normal”

To say that it has been an interesting and challenging last 12 months for the global factoring industry is an understatement. COVID-19 has challenged the industry in many ways almost impossible to imagine: SMEs being forced to close and or operate due to government-imposed restrictions, overnight drop in demand in the B2B sector, remote working ramifications and a very uncertain near term for SME sectors globally. As we look to a new normal, what does the future hold for the global factoring industry? Opportunity? Threats? Or both? This session explores the opportunities for and barriers to the sector’s growth and what we can expect to see in the new normal SME environment.

Factoring practices around the world are adapting to the ‘new normal’ while facing a resurgence of COVID-19.  Learn how to operate under these new demands at our latest webinar ‘Rebooting Your Factoring Practice’.

This webinar will explore opportunities in our sector and what we can expect to see in the coming months. Topics include:

  • Major impacts on the global factoring industry
  • Leadership and operating under new demands while prioritising the safety of your team
  • Current and incoming digital tools for the receivables management industry
  • Defining resources for growth in the COVID-19 era