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FCI is delighted to welcome Philip Sidney as its newest Member

Monday 13 March 2017

FCI welcomes Philip Sidney B.V. as its Sponsor Member.

Philip Sidney is a multi-disciplinary Consulting and Training firm, specializing in Financial Crime Prevention and helping clients fulfill their regulatory obligations. The firm based in Amsterdam serves clients in many sectors including Financial Institutions, Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas / Offshore, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing and Research & Development.

Philip Sidney offers a tailor-made service to clients’ Customer and Transaction Due Diligence endeavours and effective monitoring of customers activity in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The firm has a team of experts who can assist clients in ensuring that monitoring activities are performed according to the national, EU and US regulatory requirements. Due diligence checks help companies and individuals mitigate risk and ensure that all relevant individuals, entities and concerned strategic goods involved in a transaction are thoroughly cross-referenced and screened.

In addition to that, Philip Sidney develops Compliance Control Frameworks (CCF) which is a comprehensive set of management, organizational and internal control measures to help businesses effectively manage inherent risks in their respective fields of business.

Philip Sidney’s professionals bring experience to the compliance arena as former regulators or in regulatory-related roles. Other compliance regulatory risk management services include:

  • Sanctions Regulations – With stricter sanctions imposed by both United States and European Union on high risk countries, Philip Sidney’s experienced team understands complex international trade regulations and they are vastly experienced through their previous works at major European banks to help businesses comply with sanction regulations.
  • Compliance Functions – Philip Sidney also assist organizations set up a compliance back-office functions, depending on the business nature and extent of the company.
  • Export  Compliance – Banks active in International Trade and industries that facilitate transactions involving the export or transfer of military or dual-use goods must comply with national and international export regulations. For this purpose, Philip Sidney assist in classification of export goods; determine export license requirement and conduct sanctions screening on its end-user and end-destination.

Philip Sidney also has an Iran-focused desk to help Iranian banks reintegrate into the global banking system. It has a dedicated team which includes a Farsi speaker to support this effort.