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FCI member, Albaraka Türk A.Ş., takes up member offer for tailor-made training
Albaraka x FCI training event

FCI offers to members the opportunity to require Tailor-made training. It’s a two or three-day programme on factoring and receivables finance-related topics at the member’s premises. It is a highly effective learning method as our members have the opportunity to train a large number of employees, from various departments at a minimum cost.

Last month, we enjoyed the physical meeting with our new member Albaraka Türk A.Ş. We have missed being and working together physically and we wanted to thank Albaraka Türk for their participation, organization, and a mutually productive two-day meeting.

If you or your company are an FCI member and would like to enquire about this tailor-made training offer, please email the FCI Secretariat via