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FCI Spotlight - Mr Kyle Mota
FCI Spotlight - Mr Kyle Mota
19 July 2022

In this edition of our spotlight series, we asked our Director of Administration, Mr Kyle Mota, to answer a few questions to get to know him better.

What has been your biggest highlight in your career?

There have been many highlights in my career. Perhaps, that’s why I am here as a Director of Administration and Finance for this global association. But it has been incredibly rewarding to be appointed the new Compliance Officer. I had to put into practice something that I only knew from the study books and become the leading coordinator in the enhancement of the association’s policies and guidelines. It was challenging to break the barriers and make these changes, but I am glad that I had the support of our Secretary General, Mr Peter Mulroy, the Chairman, Ms Bonzanini, and our Secretariat assistants. We are in a different environment where strict legal guidelines became the armament for security in all business practices, shifting globalization to protectionism. The rules have changed within and in all manners between partners and members. Undoubtedly I am very proud to have built fantastic legal teamwork, with whom I have engaged with experts in various fields to secure the best business practice of this association by elevating good ethical conduct among our staff and associates, expanding our duties not only administratively but also technologically.  We still have a long way to go, but I am fully committed and honoured to this role. It is a dedication and commitment to the association's best interest of the association, its members and our board executives.

How do you help FCI make an impact in the industry?

My support for FCI goes not only to our members but primarily to the Board and Secretariat. My role as Director of Administration and Finance provides the necessary assistance in coordinating the operations of the association and ensuring consistent services to our members. Our members and executives must get proper transparency in our financial activities, a seemly system operation, the management of our member's administration, and strict compliance procedures and guidelines. As we see further restrict rules in the era of digitalization, secure due diligence according to legal parameters, it is vital to ensure the outstanding business relationship between our members within the association and, more importantly, the continuous support to our Regional and Educational Directors by maintaining this association as a global leader in Factoring and Receivable Finances.

What does your day look like generally?

I start my day by having a quick review and following up on urgent outstanding subjects, checking individual cases with the Secretariat and preparing the necessary notes to share with the Secretary General and, if needed, with the board. Then, I shift all my focus to handling financial matters, legal and compliance cases, and assisting my designated team.

What keeps you motivated?

Various things keep me motivated. A positive encircle makes things much easier to keep ongoing. I am very anxious, so I need to complete and achieve things. I am quite competitive. But competitive and a team player.

What song best sums you up?

"Livin' On The Edge" by Aerosmith

We want to thank Kyle for letting us get to know him a little more. Next week we will interview more of our Administration staff, so stay tuned!