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FCI welcomes its new Associate member in Kosovo: NLB Banka sh.a.
NLB Banka

NLB Banka sh.a. is a member of NLB Group, the largest international financial group with headquarters in Slovenia and an exclusive strategic interest in South-eastern Europe. In addition, NLB Group is comprised of six subsidiary banks in SEE, several companies for ancillary services (asset management, insurance, real estate management, etc.).

Through experience and extensive knowledge, NLB Banka sh.a. is playing an essential role in the development of the banking sector and the economy in Kosovo. Our success is based on strong commitment to provide quality services, innovative solutions for our clients, sharing our knowledge and expertise as well as creating and maintaining a special connection and care with clients by providing a wide range of banking services and products.

We strongly believe and promote the view that innovation drives the economy, thus we are continuously investing in new technology and advanced services and striving to inspire and encourage our employees to develop ideas that lead to innovation. Digitalization and automation of the processes are areas in which the focus of investment is concentrated, and by being established as the market leader in innovation, our commitment towards developing innovative products and services to our clients will remain one of our main goal. In addition, we are committed in actively supporting sustainable development in society as well as contributing to a better quality of life.

We are happy and proud to join FCI and we will have the opportunity to offer our clients cross-border factoring services thus making their international trade easier, to cooperate with industry professionals from all over the world and build valuable business relationships.