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FCI welcomes its new Associate member in Turkey: Bien Finans Faktoring A.S.
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Bien Finans Faktoring A.S, was established in September 2020 in Turkey and received official authorization from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in January 2021.

Bien Finans is a brand new factoring entity itself as well as it is being backed up by a part of over 50 years of experienced Ercan Group of Companies. The Group's first investment was in mining sector in 1965. The Group operates in the rapidly developing sectors of Turkey such as building materials industry, energy, tourism and insurance with over 4000 employees as of today. The Group also exports building materials to nearly 70 countries in 6 continents.

Ercan Group of Companies' customer focused approach, targeting sustainable development, lies behind our Group's success. Bien Finans offers innovative and applicable financing alternatives and solutions to their customers, both in domestic and international transactions and operations in various fields, especially in the building materials construction sector in Turkey.

Determining its strategies with the aim of becoming good player of the factoring sector, Bien Finans maintains its identity as an exemplary company in its sector with its strong financial structure, balanced customer portfotio and trustworthy brand.

Bien Finans is honoured to be a part of the FCI family to build up a stronger international relations further reinforce our market position.