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FCI welcomes new Affiliate Member in DRC: Kweli
in Democratic Republic of the Congo.
29 November 2023

Kweli was incorporated in 2019 and is entirely owned by Congolese. It operates in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi as a separate legal entity fully devoted to logistics and supply chain finance. Kweli is a trustworthy financial partner legally registered with a respectable equity.  

Here is the shareholder profile :  

  • KK Capital SARL specialises in asset and investment management 

  • CREAVAL Investment SARL is a key link to micro-project owners and provides access to cross-sectoral fast-growing ventures 

  • IKOLE Logistics and Trading SARL, specialised in trading operations, developing assets mostly in logistics 

  • SILVER Finance SARL, active in finance with relevant expertise in corporate finance 

Our product proposal consists of reverse factoring in which Kweli will come in with the backing of a Bank to pay approved suppliers in advance of the due date. 

The mechanism is as follows: 

Goods or services are delivered by suppliers. Buyers send to Kweli the list of approved invoices and assign the invoices to Kweli who pays them in advance without recourse. At maturity, buyers pay the total amount of the invoices sent to Kweli 

Kweli is therefore an alternative funding to commercial banks as invoices are paid to suppliers much faster. It leads to improved cash flow in the system, generating more profitability. Invoices are paid on time so both parties can focus on their core activities rather than on payment schedules or delays.  

Reverse factoring is an off-balance sheet mechanism. The liability of the funder is concentrated on a large credit-worthy company. There is clarity for all parties knowing when payment will be received, so no long or unnecessary delays. It limits disputes as both sides agree on the invoices, reduces the risk of supply chain disruption as suppliers will be less likely to struggle to meet orders by having access to early payment and improves working capital for both buyers and suppliers. These are relevant advantages of Kweli's financial services. 

In conclusion, Kweli Financial Services is well positioned to become the leader in factoring in DR Congo. Kweli is a full member of FCI, which is the global representative body for factoring and financing of open domestic accounts and international trade. With Kweli, access FCI reverse, a supply chain finance solution for reverse factoring.  

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