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FCI welcomes new Member in China, Bank of Ningbo

Thursday 19 May 2016

FCI is glad to welcome Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd as its latest Associate Member.


Since established in Ningbo 1997, Bank of Ningbo has been one of the best commercial banks in China with high quality assets, enhanced capabilities of profitability, high capital adequacy ratio and low NPL ratio. At the end of first quarter 2016, Bank of Ningbo achieves 814.2 billion of total assets, and operates 284 business networks and 2 subsidiaries in China.


In recent years, the management capabilities and business prospect of Bank of Ningbo have been widely recognized by regulators and the industry. Bank of Ningbo has been ranked as the top-grade city commercial banks according to comprehensive assessment by CBRC for many consecutive years. At the meantime, Bank of Ningbo was ranked 196th globally in terms of Tier-1 Capital among “Top 1000 World Banks, 2015”, and 215th globally with an A rating in “The Top 500 Banking Brands, 2016” by The Banker.


Bank of Ningbo started domestic factoring services in 2008 and export factoring services in 2009. They intend to start import factoring services in 2016.


“For the necessity to expand and engage in international factoring, we decide to join FCI, the big family for global factors, to strength cooperation with those experienced factoring companies and banks, including learning advanced management”, says a representative of the company.


We wish a new member every success in building its business and networks through FCI!