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GSCFF is aware of recent concerns raised about the supply chain finance market and has released the following statement
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Supply chain finance (SCF) plays an important role in providing liquidity in support of international trade. Particularly under the stress of COVID-19, supply chain finance has proven to be a critical and sustainable form of financing trade, and helping corporates to maintain their supply chains. There are many important providers, both banks and non-banks including new entrants who find this market attractive. However, the vast majority of funding is provided by banks and the market remains resilient ensuring deep and continuing liquidity.
Over the past five years, GSCFF and its sponsoring organizations (including FCI) have provided standard definitions for various SCF techniques, market practice guidance for receivables discounting and payables financing, and the Payables Finance Principles, which outlines core principles ensuring sound financing structures that meet well understood accounting and regulatory practices. The principles and market practices which the GSCFF recommend, and which run through the industry, ensure that this market will remain fundamentally sound. We trust that regulators and standards bodies will take note of the consistent behavior of the instruments and structures that follow GSCFF market practices.

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FCI is on the steering Committee and a member of the GSCFF.