IFG announces its second Partner in Nairobi – Umati Capital, Kenya

Thursday 27 August 2015

After Mareco Ltd, Umati Capital will be the second member of IFG based in Nairobi, pointing to increasing awareness and emergence of business activity in the country needing the Bank’s support and attention.


Umati Capital Kenya is a limited liability company incorporated within the Republic of Kenya. Launched in September 2012 Umati Capital Kenya is a non-bank financial institution focusing on the provision of credit and related payment technologies to SME’s that form part of supply chains within agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture and telecoms sectors through factoring and reverse factoring.  Umati Capital intends to serve SME’s within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda.


Umati Capital’s factoring business is offered via two products, M-buyer and M-trader developed for two distinct client segments. The M-buyer product is a standard Factoring solution developed for medium to large sized SME’s who supply products and services to targeted buyers. The M-trader product is a Reverse Factoring solution delivered via proprietary mobile and web applications to clients via a supply chain finance program.


Their desire to join the FCI is driven by the interest in being exposed to international best practices around invoice discounting, networking with other industry players and more importantly the unique mentoring and consultancy capability to support Umati Capital’s young business and its particular needs.


We believe that being part of our Global Association for Factoring represents a rewarding opportunity for Umati Capital to access all the IFG’s activities especially in the areas of education, industry information and networking platform.