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NLB Banka d.d.,Sarajevo joins as an Associate member
NLB Banka

NLB Banka d.d., Sarajevo is a member of the NLB Group, the largest bank and financial institution in Slovenia, whose primary focus is operating on the eastern European markets (Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia).

Clients and their satisfaction are the focus of NLB operations aiming to provide appropriate response to the real needs of clients in their best interests. Throughout its business, NLB Banka is led by strategy focusing on user experience, in accordance with which it continues to position itself as a regional champion providing comprehensive banking services to corporate and retail clients.

NLB Banka, throughout the Federation of BiH region, provides a complete set of financial services, offers adjusted to the clients’ needs, high level of service quality, extensive network of branches, modern distribution channels of its services and individual approach and dedication to its clients.

The aim of the NLB Banka is to build a sustainable business growth with a clear focus on profitability, improvement of corporate culture, business processes and efficiency, while assuring stimulating working environment enabling the employees to reach their personal goals. A special attention is paid to the development of new banking services, new distribution channels, as well as the larger availability of services to clients, through which NLB Banka can build a stronger reputation and brand recognition.

Fundamental values that NLB Banka bases its business on are transparency, trust, stability, simplicity, and responsibility, all which are recognized by the clients who place their trust in NLB Banka for many years.