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Press Release: FCI Academy offers new online courses to all industry stakeholders
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Amsterdam, 29 April 2021

FCI Academy announces the opening of the certificate programmes and the specialized online courses to all industry stakeholder. FCI Academy, the most complete education programme on Factoring & Receivables Finance, is providing a wide range of globally recognised and accredited educational offerings that aim to support personal, corporate and market development globally. Until now, most of its courses, apart from the Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance and the Fundamentals on Domestic and International Factoring, were only available to FCI members. FCI Academy is an open-source of knowledge for any individual, organization, financial institution, and corporate that wishes to learn more about Factoring and Receivables Finance.

FCI Academy specialised online courses have been designed for those who wish to receive short and targeted education on particular topics in factoring and receivables finance, namely Pre-sales and Seller On-Boarding in Factoring Course, Seller and Marketing Factoring Course, Legal Course, Seller Selection and Control Course, Buyer Risk Control Course and Dispute Prevention Handling Course. The content is applicable for domestic and international factoring and receivables finance.

FCI Academy Certificate Programmes aiming at enriching knowledge in specialised subjects and developing the skills of professionals involved in Legal, Risk Management, and Sales and Marketing functions thru a combination of selected courses. The Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance enhances the selling and marketing skills with a detailed focus on promoting Factoring and Receivables Finance. The Certificate of Legal Aspects in Receivables Finance allows the student to learn the necessary legal knowledge on the FCI Two-Factor System with a special focus on the General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF). The Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance helps the student to develop the necessary skills to manage and mitigate risks to form the basis for sustainable business growth..

Commenting on the recent opening of the courses to all players in the industry, Mrs. Aysen Cetintas, FCI Education Director said “With more than 50 year accumulated knowledge, FCI Academy aims to further develop the capacity building of the industry. Now more than ever with the crisis we recognise that education is a key element for the future development of the factoring and receivables finance industry. Offering more course to all stakeholders will, I hope, help the markets for faster development but also limit the risks and fraud. As FCI Academy our overarching objective is to provide high-quality learning on Factoring and Receivables Finance to the Global Financial and Trade Community.”