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Press release: World Factoring Yearbook 2020 out now
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A comprehensive, inside view of the changing face of global factoring

Featuring factoring statistics, market reviews and company directories from 39 countries around the world, the newly published World Factoring Yearbook 2020 is an essential point of reference for the receivables finance industry.

The World Factoring Yearbook 2020 shows the key developments in the factoring industry today, including:

  • Strong growth across Europe and South America
  • Renewed growth in international factoring
  • Wide variations in market structures and client base
  • The evolution of digital platforms in Asia and South America
  • Non-recourse factoring growing in Eastern Europe
  • Uncertain outlook for factoring globally in the wake of COVID-19

Plus timely, thought-provoking articles:

  • Risk mitigation following COVID-19
  • Sustainable finance: building sustainability, ensuring the future
  • The importance of supply chain finance in times of crisis
    Technology in receivables and supply chain finance: looking ahead
  • Technology and Fraud in the ‘new normal’
  • Blockchain: challenges and opportunities
  • Factoring as an alternative tool for financing SMEs in Africa


The World Factoring Yearbook 2020, published by BCR Publishing, is available on their website.

For any queries regarding this press release, please contact Georgia Clark at

FCI members can access the BCR World Factoring Yearbook 2020 on the FCI Private website under Document Library/Publications/External publications.