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Regional Networking E-vent for Europe- extended registration deadline!
European networking event

Extended deadline for registration: 22 January 2021

Don't forget to register for the first Virtual Networking E-vents highlighting European members on 26 & 27 January! This is your opportunity to meet new and existing correspondents from Europe.

 Three reasons why you should attend it: 

  1. The idea is for the members to be able to organize short 15 minute introductory meetings with existing but especially new members in the European network.
  2.  You need to reach out to these existing and potential new correspondents asking for meetings with them, whether they by registered or not (but please encourage them to register if they had not done so already, as you cannot schedule an appointment on the platform until they have registered).
  3. This is your opportunity to explore new relationships with executives and general correspondents from our nearly 400 member network. But this first session is focused on meeting with the European member. There will be other regional events in March and April targeting members in Asia, Middle East - Africa and the Americas.

Don't wait to register on our website to start booking your appointments as soon as possible. Registration closes on 22 January.