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In-Sight August 2023 is out!
In-Sight August 2023 is out!
1 September 2023

Welcome to the latest In-Sight!

In this edition, Daniela Bonzanini, FCI Chair, emphasizes the significance of attending the FCI Annual Meeting scheduled for September 17-21 in Marrakech, Morocco. Peter Mulroy informs us about the highly anticipated launch in the legal field for the Factoring Industry during the Annual Meeting: The introduction of the Factoring Model Law, the IFC Factoring Regulatory Guide, and the FCI Legal Study.

Betül Kurtulus reports on challenges and opportunities in CEE, delving into the factors that will shape the future and providing insights into the current situation. Kyle Mota outlines what to anticipate at the FCI 55th Annual Meeting. Thompson Lui explains how to control the risk in Supply Chain Finance better. Lin Hui shares the driving change in the Chinese Market regarding commitment and community. Nassourou Aminou reports on the workshop on capacity building and how to launch factoring activity by banks and factors in Africa.

We introduce the new members: ATIDI, Focus Factor, Fiducia, Schumann, and Silk Road Bank. To discover more about the members of the FCI SCF Committee, please check the newsletter.

In the Education section, Aysen Çetintas reports on the event organised with EBRD in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Spyros Tsolis explains the change in the education offering as the specialized course will become available “on-demand”.

As elucidated by Pierre Mansourati and Federico Avellan-Borgmeyer, Islamic Banking Factoring is described as a financing solution compliant with Shariah principles. Rosanne Doyle and Bill Noel emphasize the stability of factoring as a financial strategy, particularly during economic crises. Additionally, George Koukis delves into the new collaborations emerging in Supply Chain Finance within the context of Industry 4.0.

Lastly, we report on the events or meetings attended by representatives of FCI.

We hope you enjoy the reading! 

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