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Trading Up - Africa's new frontier
Financial Times Live AFRICA SUMMIT
11 October 2021

Africa’s commitment to a continental-wide free trade agreement is one of the most exciting developments in decades. As demonstrated in the Covid crisis through the interventions of such organisations as Africa CDC and the African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team, the continent has greatly improved its capacity for collective action. The free trade area is designed to boost intraregional trade, with the aim of raising the value-added component of goods and services and breaking countries’ dependence on the export of raw commodities.

FT Live will be hosting the AFRICA SUMMIT with a focus on 'Trading Up - Africa's new frontier'. The Summit, taking place virtually on 19 October 2021, will discuss how African businesses, policymakers and other actors are setting about the task of knitting the continent together, both physically and digitally, and what will be needed to push this process forward. It will also assess the continent's economic prospects following the huge setback caused by the pandemic.


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