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Understanding Global changes, advancements and movements – Education is the key
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6 June 2022

As the world progresses through the post-covid recovery stage, we have found digitalisation taking centre stage. As the conflict in Europe has yet to find an end, we have seen laws and global sanctions take place. As inflation rises across the world, we see companies look for new suppliers. With all of this in mind, it is hard to keep up with all these changes, updates and movements. Yes, one could turn to news outlets for updates but how does one tackle this for a company? How do these affect each company and how do they tackle it in a tailored way? This we feel is where an update to education comes into play. 

Understanding the advances in technology and the new products out there would enable the business to advance in ways that weren’t previously possible. Knowing the ins and outs of the Legal Aspects in Receivables Finance, allows a company to tackle issues in a legal way, allowing them to adapt to the times and ensuring a reduction in risks. A full understanding of seller selection, seller control and buyer control, gives a company trust in the method and makes onboarding a less lengthy process. The FCI Academy Course offerings can provide these points of knowledge, using over 50 years of knowledge. 

Over the last ten years, we have provided a globally recognised education to more than 12,000 finance professionals, showing our courses are well known to enrich and improve Factoring & Receivables Finance knowledge. 

Registrations for the Third term 2022 series of FCI Academy Online Courses & Certificate Programmes close on 24 June and will be starting on 4 July 2022. Courses opening for registration include: 

  • FCI Members only 
    • The “Career Path” of FCI Academy
      A cohesive, three-stage learning programme which strengthens capacity at all levels, including operations, risk management & legal framework. 
  • Open to all 
    • Introduction to Factoring & Receivables Finance 
      A Beginner course for those with no understanding or working knowledge. 
    • Fundamentals on Domestic & International Factoring Course 
      A comprehensive course for those with an understanding of the industry. 
    • The FCI Certificates Programme 
      Fully comprehensive programmes to enrich knowledge in specialised subjects and develop the skills of factoring professionals.
    • Specialised Online Courses 
      Specialised short courses on specific subjects that give students better insight into particular topics in Factoring & Receivables Finance. 
    • Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring Course 
      Providing specialised insider knowledge on the entire trade cycle of this hot topic. 

FCI Academy is offering all FCI Members a discounted price on all Certificate Programmes and the Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring Course this term. So, take advantage of our remarkable Summer Sale for all FCI members and register today! Please check the circular for the discounted fees. 

We trust that all new and existing members of FCI will recognise the importance of enrolling their staff (particularly important for the members who joined FCI recently) in the series of FCI Academy’s Online Courses, opening on 4 July 2022. 

  • Read more about the courses on offer by clicking here
  • Download the brochure by clicking here