Role of FCIreverse

FCIreverse has been developed by FCI to serve buyer - supplier relationships across multiple jurisdictions.
FCIreverse is a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform for financing buyer- approved receivables. FCIreverse combines the power of the FCI member network, interfactor framework and General Rules for FCIreverse with Demica’s award winning technology to provide a unique SCF platform solution enabling FCI members to initiate and participate in both local and multi regional SCF/reverse factoring programmes to increase revenues and grow assets.
SCF or reverse factoring, as it is also known, serves to improve working capital for both buyers and their suppliers, releasing cash through increased DPO for buyers and reduced DSO for suppliers. It enables buyers to improve supplier management, negotiate better terms and improve cashflow while suppliers are able to diversify their funding sources, access competitively priced financing, mitigate concentration exposures and improve cashflow forecasting.

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