Growing market for international factoring

Selling in an international marketplace is a challenge for many companies. Different currency systems, legislation and languages are still barriers to international trade even though we can place orders across the globe within seconds.



One of the greatest problems is the growing insistence by importers that trade is conducted on open account terms. This often means that payment is received many weeks or even months after delivery. Offering buyers credit in this way can cause cash flow problems for exporters. The situation can become worse if importers delay payments - or make no payment at all because of their own financial problems.

Simple solution

International factoring provides a simple solution to these problems, regardless of whether the exporter is a small organisation or a major corporation. The role of the factor is to collect money owed to exporters by approaching buyers in their own country, in their own language and in the locally accepted manner. A factor can also provide the seller with 100% protection in the case of the buyer’s inability to pay.


International factoring has proved very attractive to exporters. It is now seen as an excellent alternative to other forms of trade finance and the traditional letter of credit is gradually being replaced by open account trade finance services such as international factoring. This means the need for international factoring will continue to grow, not only in industrialised parts of the world but also in developing countries. In the future, the challenge for factoring companies will be to maintain their flexibility so that they can react quickly to changing market circumstances.

What are the advantages of FCI Two-Factors International Factoring?

1. 100% credit protection

2. Guaranteed payment of 90 days from due date of invoice

3. Professional collection service from import factor.

4. Enhancement of balance sheet ratios and funding security through pre-arranged financing for suppliers

5. Credit management (debtor management, collection and payment management)