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Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring Course


This course focuses on the entire trade cycle of a financial transaction, from an overview of the supply chain through to the implementation of supply chain finance and client onboarding. It has been developed to provide you with an understanding of global, physical and financial trade, information supply chains and identifying their financial consequences. Additionally, this course will help you build the best supply chain finance strategy and decide on the most suitable supply chain finance solutions you can offer your clients, including those that incorporate the Purchase Order Management Service and FCIreverse tools provided by FCI.

The course modules include:

  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • Global Trade, and the increased role of Open Account solutions
  • A briefing on Payables Finance and its Variations
  • Reverse Factoring – The Role of the Buyer
  • Establishing a Reverse Factoring Programme
  • FCI and Reverse Factoring


This online course has been designed for all professionals working in, or with an interest in, trade finance seeking to build effective solutions for their clients. Students include professionals working in banks, financial institutions, development banks, corporates, consultancy firms, exporting and importing companies, and University students.


Participants take an online multiple-choice examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive a Certificate on Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring.

Course duration

The course takes a total of 25 learning hours on average to complete.

You will get access to the course once we have received your payment. If you don't receive an email with the request for payment, please check your spam or contact us by email.


The course fee is Euro 345 for FCI Members and Euro 395 for Non-Members.

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I had such a great experience and enjoyed the companionship of a cooperative, friendly and well-experienced team. It was a great opportunity & value-add to learn the technical details in this course to enhance my knowledge & awareness.
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