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Executive Committee
Executive Committee
FCI is managed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may appoint other committees.
The Executive Committee consists of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, an Immediate Past Chairman and seven other members. Unless the number of members of the Executive Committee falls below 6, the Executive Committee remains validly composed.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Council at its Annual Meeting for a period of two years. The Chairman and four other members shall be elected by both the full members and the associate members. The remaining five (or six members if the Immediate Past Chairman does not form part of the Committee) may be elected by the full members only.

Affiliate members may vote in the Annual Meeting for a person employed by one such affiliate member to represent them for a period of two years. The Affiliate members’ representative can attend Executive Committee meetings as an observer.

The Chairman shall be elected as a member of the Executive Committee for a period of two years. The Executive Committee shall elect amongst itself two Vice Chairmen who will assist the Chairman in the fulfilment of his/her task.

The authority to represent FCI shall be vested in any three members of the Executive Committee acting jointly and/or by the Secretary General.

The Executive Committee may appoint other committees.

The Executive Committee has the authority either to enter into agreements to purchase, dispose of, or encumber registered property or to enter into agreements by which FCI commits itself as guarantor or joint and several debtors, warrants performance by a third party or undertakes to provide security for a debt of a third party, however, only upon a resolution of the Executive Committee in these respects.
All resolutions of the Executive Committee must be adopted by an absolute majority of the votes cast.  Resolutions of the Executive Committee shall only be valid if passed at a meeting of the Executive Committee at which at least half of its members are present.  The acting chairman shall have an additional vote to resolve tie votes.
The Executive Committee can adopt resolutions outside regular meetings, provided that all members of the Committee have been consulted in writing; a resolution will be valid if the majority of the members accept, in writing, the proposal.

Currently the members of the Executive Committee are the following:
Daniela Bonzanini
Ms. Daniela BONZANINI, Chairwoman

Banca IFIS, Italy

Cagatay Baydar
Mr. Çagatay BAYDAR, Vice Chairman

TEB Faktoring, Turkey

Joaquin Durany Seto
Mr. Joaquin DURANY, Vice Chairman

Summa FSF S.A., Uruguay

Amit Agarwal

DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore

Christian Eymery
Mr. Christian EYMERY

Deutsche Factoring Bank, Germany

Philippe Gresta
Mr. Philippe GRESTA

BNP Paribas Factor, France 

Doaa Hafez
Ms. Doaa A. HAFEZ

Egypt Factors, Egypt

Toshiyuki Hirata
Mr. Toshiyuki HIRATA

 Mizuho Factors Ltd., Japan

Jianbo Sun
Ms. SUN Jianbo

China Construction Bank, China

Julio Nielsen

Eurocapital, Chile

Prof Benedict ORAMAH
Dr. Benedict ORAMAH

African Export-Import Bank, Egypt

Representing Affiliate members

Panos Papatheodorou

Real Economy Fund, Cyprus

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