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FCI Academy: Career Path
Career Path

The “FCI Career Path” education programme is a cohesive, three-level development process which supports your staff from their first step as “new entrants in the receivables finance industry” until they become highly-qualified “industry professionals”. It is a unique, globally acknowledged, career-focused learning plan.

Students who successfully complete all three levels receive the FCI Gold Diploma.

The FCI Career Path is only available to FCI members

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Foundation Course on Factoring - Career Path Level 1

The “FCI Foundation Course in Factoring” is the most popular, globally recognized e-learning course in Factoring. It provides an overview of factoring, including a brief history of the industry and information about FCI as well as details on the different types of factoring, benefits, methods and mechanism of the two-factor system.

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Intermediate Course on Factoring - Career Path Level 2

The FCI Intermediate Course is the natural next step from the FCI Foundation Course. It provides the student with detailed knowledge of the Principles of the two-factor system, describing in detail its Operating & basic legal rules. It further elaborates on best business practices in operations, including the proper and efficient use of edifactoring.com and EDI rules.

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Advanced Course on Factoring - Career Path Level 3

The FCI Advanced Course elaborates on the risk issues and legal considerations in Factoring. Its syllabus includes topics on Seller selection & control, Buyer risk control, Dispute prevention & handling, and a detailed reference to the FCI legal framework.

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