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FCI Academy: Webinars
FCI Webinars are modern, on-line, highly-effective education offerings for maximising knowledge delivery, as participants can, without leaving their desks, learn about the basic concepts of factoring & receivables finance.

FCI Webinars are primarily benefiting new members and new entrants in the industry, who highly appreciate and recognise the added value during their set-up & onboarding process.


Webinar sessions are delivered by the FCI Education Team and other experienced professionals from the factoring and receivables finance industry. Moreover, they are aligned with regional time zones to ensure that participants join at the most convenient time for them.

FCI Essentials

“FCI Essentials” is a comprehensive series of three (3) on-line sessions, specially designed for new members, for junior and newly joined employees of experienced members as well as for all who wish to learn more about FCI and its principal value proposition. “FCI Essentials” is the first step for new members to start their international factoring business in a safe and effective operational framework.

Risk Management in Factoring

Detecting & managing risks is probably the hardest task in our business. We all need to be continuously alerted and well-trained in order to face all difficult cases that may arise! The Risk “Management in Factoring” Webinar sessions intend to highlight and address the most important risks in factoring & receivables finance. The importance of risk awareness and common understanding of risks among all departments must never be underestimated.

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