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Online Specialised Courses
Online Specialised Courses

The FCI Academy e-learning courses have become the industry standard for obtaining knowledge on Factoring & Receivables Finance topics. Our courses focus on all factoring concepts including Sales, Risk, Operations and Legal areas, supporting professionals from all functions within a factoring organisation. The online courses include specific topics, supporting their effective onboarding & performance of their cross-border factoring business. FCI Academy e-learning courses are globally recognised, accredited & endorsed for their content and quality by international academic institutions as well as by well-known regional & multinational financial institutions.

To further enhance learning, our e-learning platform provides discussion forums where students can exchange views & support each other during the course study period.

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Pre-Sales and Seller On-Boarding Course

The course provides students with the necessary knowledge on factoring, highlighting the benefits for all involved parties, addressing also the important principles of seller selection process.

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Seller Sellection & Control Course

FCI Seller Selection & Control course is one of the basic courses as it is addressing all elements that factoring professionals come across during their daily tasks of controlling seller risks.

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Selling and Marketing Factoring Course

The course focuses on the key objectives of the sales process and the selling skills. It also positions factoring among other financial products addressing its comparative advantages.

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Dispute Prevention & Handling Course

A dispute in factoring, either small or big, has a direct impact on a seller-buyer relationship and, consequently, on a factor, increasing considerably his risk exposure. Disputes may occur anytime but, in many cases, the factor could detect them earlier by applying effective controls. This course focuses on the disputes causes & impacts but also stresses on the actions & policies a factor can implement to avoid them.

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Legal Course

The course is designed to provide the Students with a thorough understanding of the FCI Legal framework to further enhance their knowledge both on Legal & Operational aspects of Factoring.

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Buyer Risk Control Course

Buyers in Factoring constitute the largest number of companies in a Factor’s portfolio. Although they are not financed, our decisions for financing the seller depend almost exclusively on their financial performance & payment behavior. This course is focusing on the important task of correctly assessing buyers, so that factors may feel safe before financing sellers.

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If you are interested in more than one Specialised Course, have a look at our Certificate Programmes

Our Certificate Programmes concentrate on the most important aspects of a factoring operation, namely Sales & Marketing, Risk Management, and Legal. Each of their syllabuses includes the Foundation Course on Factoring as a basis to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the industry, and then are complemented by the specialised courses for each area of focus.

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