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IT system providers

The FCI Community includes key software providers to the Industry and Members have access to their leading edge and innovative solutions. Competitive product sets ensure that there is support for all the needs of the modern factoring and commercial finance company.

China Systems
China Systems Holdings Limited

China Systems is the leading trade finance software solution provider worldwide. Our flagship core products for back-office, Eximbills®, and front-end, Customer Enterprise, are used by many international banks as a single Solution to meet their trade finance, payments, guarantees, factoring and supply chain finance processing requirements. The Solution has become widely accepted as the de facto standard for trade finance processing worldwide as a result of China Systems' more than 35 years of expertise, commitment and global footprint.

Today, China Systems has a growing international base of loyal customers in more than 60 countries as it continues to explore new business areas in the financial world. Using its knowledge in solution design and financial institutions' architecture, and its extensive experience in systems development and implementation, China Systems has created a powerful business enabling development platform catering for the needs of a range of international transaction banking services.


CODIX is a leading software provider for any kind of Commercial Finance activity: Factoring (traditional, reverse, international), Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Finance, Invoice Discounting (ID), ABL, Inventory Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Loans Management, Consumer Finance, Leasing, Credit Insurance, etc. As an all-in-one package iMX enables all the business processes to be managed within a single technical structure that can easily be parameterized to meet each company specific needs.

iMX is the most effective multi-lingual and multi-currency solution which integrates all productivity tools and offers full coverage of all operations from customers onboarding to contract termination. The system can be hosted by the Client, or externally in any data center, including in a Cloud. The application comes with full hands-on support provided on a 24/7 basis with contractual Service Level Agreement. iMX is used in 28 languages by more than 50.000 users in 50+ countries.


Since 1993, Comarch has been implementing IT projects in 100 countries with leading Polish and global brands in the most important sectors of the economy, including finance, telecommunications, banking, insurance, trade, services and others. Comarch's software services have been used by tens of thousands of well-known brands in over 100 countries on 6 continents, including Allianz, Auchan, BNP Paribas, BP, Carrefour, Heathrow Airport, Heineken, ING and LG U+, Orange, Telefónica, T-Mobile, Vodafone. With the Comarch Factoring Platform, Comarch provides banks and factoring institutions' customers with accessible and functional receivables financing software that is scalable to the current requirements of their business.

Demica Logo

Demica is one of the largest independent global providers of working capital solutions. Demica has facilitated the funding of over $16 billion of payables and receivables finance programmes.

Through a feature-rich, proprietary, technology platform, Demica supports all forms of supply chain finance transactions. Our solution has full white-label capabilities enabling our funding partners to offer market-leading products and services to their clients across the working capital spectrum. Demica’s solutions include:

  • Traditional supply chain finance
  • Gross-up supply chain finance
  • Early payment discount capture
  • Dynamic discounting

Demica’s Supplier Onboarding Tool offers:

  • KYC Automation
  • Dedicated marketing messages
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Full integration with Demica’s Supply Chain Finance platform

With over 50 Funding Partners, payables and receivables across 135 countries, Demica continues to be the partner of choice to Funders globally.


efcom is a leading provider of factoring software. We serve more than 40 renowned factoring institutes across eleven countries. We have nearly 20 years of experience on the market. We consistently focus on our customers' needs: accuracy, transparency, speed, adaptability and safety play central roles in our applications. Our flagship product is the software ef3. It comprises many practice-oriented functions that can be sensibly supplemented by various modules. ef3 currently handles nearly 130 billion Euro in factoring volume – it´s among the biggest volumes all over Europe. With efOnline, we offer customers a web-based application that permits highly efficient communication and comprises various practice-oriented features.


Finwave is a FinTech Company specialized in vertical solutions for the financial market and develops end-to-end projects in the fields of factoring, leasing, consumer credit, UTP/NPL, securities, banking, funds, wealth management, compliance.

It is made up of 5 divisions which, through latest generation proprietary platforms and integrated teams of specialists, create advanced IT ecosystems capable of responding to any need for automation, process optimization, security, saving and increased competitiveness of premium organizations.

We support financial and credit institutions, asset management companies, funds, custodian banks, of every size and organizational complexity, in a modular and scalable digital transformation process, offering constant and personalized technical and consultancy support.

Finwave is a strategic asset of Apax Partners, a global leader in investments in high-potential companies in the information technology field and today it is a company with over 500 collaborators and a turnover of over 50 million €.

Lendscape Logo

Cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses, and at Lendscape, we work to support and improve SME finance globally, through technology partnerships, collaboration and innovation. Award-winning Lendscape is a leading technology vendor for secure lending, currently deployed by over 100 finance providers across the UK, EMEA, North America, APAC, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our vision is to develop new capabilities that support secured business lending by streamlining banks' and lenders' systems and reducing risk, whilst simplifying and accelerating “invoice to funding” time.  Lendscape is a cloud-first business process management solution for factoring, invoice finance, supply chain finance and asset finance. Our customer portfolio spans over 50 markets and includes some of the world’s greatest brands in banking and financial services.



As a One-Stop-Shop in digitalization, NAVAX works in partnership with its customers to provide the optimal business solution. HENRI for Factoring was specifically developed for the requirements of factoring companies. All core processes in factoring are bundled into a single software platform with one database.

NAVAX is an international group of companies with headquarters in Vienna. With branches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland NAVAX supports customers with comprehensive advice. More than 250 employees work on the success and growth of the corporate group. Over 1,000 corporate customers and more than 100,000 users work with the software solutions introduced by NAVAX.

Oracle_Financial Services
Oracle Financial Services

Oracle Financial Services provides solutions for retail banking, corporate banking, payments, asset management and insurance. With our comprehensive set of integrated digital and data platforms, banks are empowered to deliver next-generation financial services. We enable customer-centric transformation, support collaborative innovation and drive efficiency.

Oracle provides comprehensive support for end-to-end corporate banking with a broad suite of componentized solutions across cash management, trade and supply chain finance, credit and lending, treasury, payments and revenue management.

Our digitized, end-to-end, front-to-back Supply Chain Finance solution supports the full lifecycle of supply chain finance and factoring across receivables and payables, offering supplier-and buyer-centric financing. Also available as a Cloud Service, it gives corporate banks the flexibility needed to help clients maximize the value of the supply chain, facilitate an efficient flow of capital and reduce transaction risk.

We have a global footprint powering the world of banking, serving over 600 customers in 140+ countries.

Premium Technology
Premium Technology

Premium Technology Inc. is the leading Supply Chain Finance (SCF) software solution provider, servicing Banks & Financial Institutions around the world. Our end-to-end product suite, FinShare, is unique in its breadth of product coverage and flexibility to accommodate specialized requirements. We support interactive customer portals, open APIs, White-labeling, Blockchain connectivity, risk management, and limits tracking.

Our FinShare product suite includes:

  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Account Receivables Finance
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Distributor Finance
  • Factoring (FCI-Enabled)
  • Approved Payables Finance / Reverse Factoring
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Risk Participation / Syndication
  • Purchase Order to Pay
  • Islamic Banking (Murabaha)
  • Document Preparation
  • Customer On-Boarding

With global service locations and international subject matter experts, our team is committed to helping you bring the benefits of FinShare and SCF to your customers. 


QUALCO is an international Fintech solutions provider that enables clients in over 35 countries to realize value through the provision of operational platforms, data insights, digital experiences, and domain knowledge. 

Streamline and scale your end to end Receivable and Payable Finance operations 

Our technology comprises enterprise-class, highly scalable, end-to-end software solutions that help our clients automate, streamline and standardise their operations. We make sense of your data by bringing predictive insights to your decisions to constantly improve results. 

  • ProximaPlus: A comprehensive, modular platform for Factoring and Supply Chain Finance 
  • Kyberas: Invoice Reconciliation & Dynamic Discounting 
Solifi Logo

IDS, William Stucky & Associates, and White Clarke Group are now Solifi, delivering a solid financial technology foundation for equipment, working capital, wholesale, and automotive finance firms. At Solifi, we believe that commerce is only as strong as the system it runs on. Our mission is to reshape finance technology by bringing together proven solutions into a singular powerful technology platform designed to help you protect and scale your business. We guard your company by being precise and reliable, we guide you to success by combining powerful technology with proven expertise, and we help you grow by unleashing the potential of your business.

Trade Ledger logo

Trade Ledger was founded in 2016 to help the financial services sector reimagine complex business finance for SMEs and mid-market corporates in the digital economy. The lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform supports all secured and unsecured business lending products across the end-to-end customer journey from onboarding to origination, management and servicing. With direct connections to customer accounting packages and a range of third-party data sources, the Trade Ledger platform allows for comprehensive risk profiling and a seamless customer experience. Backed by venture capitalists Point72, Foundation Capital and Hambro Perks, and other notable investors such as Court Lorenzini (founder of DocuSign), Trade Ledger is currently scaling globally to accommodate a fast-growing client base of global trade banks, regional and national banks, and alternative finance providers. Trade Ledger was awarded LendTech Initiative of the Year 2020, Lending Platform of the Year 2019, and Startup of the Year 2019.

Unifiedpost logo

Unifiedpost Group's was established in 2001 with a mission to simplify administrative and financial processes with smart digital solutions. Unifiedpost believes that companies want to digitise and optimise the different steps of their administrative and financial value chain: from contract to invoice, from invoice to paid invoice and from payment to other related processes, such as the financing of an invoice. This requires a reliable platform that has the ability to connect the different economic actors.

Unifiedpost has the ambition to become the leading cloud platform for document, identity and payment services for SMEs. They mainly offer services to European customers, has offices in 15 countries and over 800 employees.

Have a look at our video to see an animated explanation of what we do. 

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