FCI offers two types of tailor made traning. The first one is given by an FCI Director while for the second one you will interact with a mentor member who is experienced at running two-factor business. Please click on the title of the course to see more details.

Special assistance to new FCI members

In countries where factoring is new, it is not possible for a member to obtain trained staff by hiring personnel from existing factoring companies.


Therefore FCI offers in-house customized training programs specific to your company's learning needs.

FCI Mentoring Program

As a new member, FCI provides you with a lot of material, documents and education which helps you to start-up with the International 2-Factor business. In this period it might take you considerable time and efforts to implement efficient processes that enable you to work properly with your Factoring correspondents based on the GRIF rules and EDIFactoring as the communication platform.


To get your business started it can be very useful to get guidance and advice from skilled FCI members who already have experienced this process and can share best practices with you.

"We had the great opportunity of receiving FCI tailor-made training for two days and this gave us a complete vision of the programme, solved all our issues and allowed us to validate the way we were doing factoring, from our organization, to our internal policies, and the decisions we were making in the operation."
Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, Mexico