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FCI Academy: Tailor-made Training
Tailor-made Training

FCI Academy is presenting a training programme for the industry to train their staff in the basic concepts of factoring & receivables finance, and payables finance (reverse factoring). Additionally, it provides guidance in establishing the “FCI Two-Factor business operations” and facilitating the smooth integration of new members into the FCI network. 

A tailored training programme is designed specifically for institutions like FCI Members, Industry Associations, Development Banks, etc. Ιt is mostly designed and adapted to the  needs expressed by the company and its goals. It includes a variety of  training methods and  tools, such as in-person or online training sessions, synchronous or asynchronous activities, business simulation exercises, case studies and projects, and role-playing games, to highlight the most important ones. The development of a tailored training programme begins by studying the institution’s expression of needs and then continues by constructing, step by step, a dedicated learning path in close collaboration with the institution. 

On-site Tailor-made Training

It consists of a two or three-day programme on factoring and receivables finance-related topics at the member’s premises. It is a highly effective learning method as our members have the unique opportunity to train a large number of employees from various departments at a minimum cost.

Online Tailor-made Training

These include 60-90 min. Online sessions on specific topics are ideal for small, specialised groups within organisations (risk, credit, operations, legal, etc.). 

For further information and for scheduling an onsite or online training programme, contact the FCI Secretariat at fci@fci.nl.

“On the one hand, the tailor-made training session was very informative for our colleagues from Risk, Business Development and Lending departments, on the other hand it was a great chance for us to discuss potential cases personally with highly skilled professionals and get updated of the technological developments taking place in FCI.”
Anzhela Barseghyan | Head of Corporate Services Department | ArmSwissBank CJSC (Armenia)

"FCI's Tailor made training was a very good experience. Our past training during 2018 had about 15 colleagues from different departments. The dedicated training provided hands-on practical experiences from FCI trainers. The 2 day program is very beneficial in getting a Face-to-face  answer to all your factoring questions ,  with the ability to choose the most relevant topics of interest ; legal, sales, accounting or company setup. We will definitely consider this training again as an efficient way for factoring knowledge and skills development"
Mostafa Meguid | FI Trade & Cash Products Division Head | Commercial International Bank (Egypt)

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