Tailor-made Training

FCI is offering to – especially new – members the opportunity to train their staff on factoring & receivables finance’s basic concepts as well as offering guidance in the process of setting up FCI Two-Factor business and facilitating the new member’s integration into FCI.
The FCI Education Team act as specialist consultants, sharing their know-how acquired from their extensive factoring experience from their previous senior management positions and from their thorough understanding of FCI practices and procedures

On-site tailor-made training


A two or three-day programme on factoring and receivables finance related topics at the member’s premises. It is a highly effective learning method as our members have the opportunity to train a large number of employees, from various departments at a minimum cost.

On-line tailor-made training


These include 60-90 min. on-line sessions on specific topics, ideal for small specialized groups within organisations (risk, credit, operations, legal, etc.).

For further information and for scheduling an appropriate on-site or on-line training programme, you can contact the FCI Secretariat at fci@fci.nl.

"We had the great opportunity of receiving FCI tailor-made training for two days and this gave us a complete vision of the programme, solved all our issues and allowed us to validate the way we were doing factoring, from our organization, to our internal policies, and the decisions we were making in the operation."
Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, Mexico