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FCI is the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables.

FCI has its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The permanent Secretariat in Amsterdam plays a crucial role in initiating and coordinating the activities which directly or indirectly affect the scope and strength of the FCI network. Numerous projects are acted upon in close cooperation with the technical committees and the FCI Executive Committee. 

FCI is managed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, an Immediate Past Chairman and seven other members. 

Members of the Executive Committee are elected
bi-annually by the Council at its Annual Meeting.

The Executive Committee has set up technical committees to deal with topics deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. The permanent committees are Business & IT Solutions Committee (COMCOM), Education Committee (EDCOM), Legal Committee (LEGCOM), Marketing and Communication Committee (MARCOM) and Supply Chain Finance Committee (SCF COM).

FCI is a truly global association that acts in the interests of its members across the globe. It also represents members’ needs on a more localized basis through its network of Regional Chapters (Africa, South and South East Asia, North East Asia, Central & Eastern Europe and South East Europe and the Middle East, the Americas).

These Chapters organise events and activities which have a particular focus on regional issues and opportunities.

FCI formed a team of ambassadors, engaged executives that support the development and implementation of our strategy, giving feedback on potential projects, working alongside all of the technical committees. These individuals demonstrate a passion, drive and leadership in the factoring industry and are drawn from our members, reflecting the geographic and other forms of diversity within FCI.

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