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FCI Academy: Mentoring Programme
Mentoring Programme
As a new member, FCI provides you with a lot of material, documents and education which helps you to start-up with the International Two-Factor business.

In this period it might take you considerable time and efforts to implement efficient processes that enable you to work properly with your Factoring correspondents based on the GRIF rules and EDIFactoring as the communication platform.

To get your business started it can be very useful to get guidance and advice from skilled FCI members who already have experienced this process and can share best practices with you.


This Mentoring Program strives to offer a new member (mentee) the possibility to visit an experienced FCI member (mentor) usually for 2-3 days onsite and get an insight in the organisation and operational processes of the mentor’s international business. The mentee has the possibility to occasionally receive some practical advice from the mentor for a defined period afterwards. 


The FCI Mentoring Programme aims to match experienced volunteer members (mentors) with recently approved and inexperienced members in FCI (mentees) for the specific purpose of providing support, guidance, showing best practices, giving helpful tips and passing knowledge to the mentees. Mentors don’t provide consultancy as offered in the a.m. tailor-made programmes by FCI. Mentors and mentees are always member companies and not individual persons.

Program Goals

The specific goals of the FCI Mentoring Programme are:

  1. To support new members in understanding the FCI way to do business (GRIF, Edifactoring, others) from both perspectives of Import- and Export Factor.
  2. To share the skills and knowledge of a successful member with a new member.
  3. To provide support in developing the international factoring business for new members.
  4. To foster open communication and dialogue.
  5. To provide motivation for quality performance in FCI.
  6. To bring new members together with other FCI members to enable them to build up its own network within FCI.
How to enroll as a mentor?

If you think you fulfill the mentors features and are ready to contribute as a mentor, please send an email to fci@fci.nl


How to enrol as a mentee and find a mentor?

If you are a new member and would like to take the opportunity to aply to the mentorship programme, please send an email to fci@fci.nl

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