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Buyer Risk Control Course

(For FCI Members Only)


Buyers in Factoring constitute the largest number of companies in a Factor’s portfolio. Although they are not financed, our decisions for financing the seller depend almost exclusively on their financial performance & payment behavior. This course is focusing on the important task of correctly assessing buyers, so that factors may feel safe before financing sellers. It is complemented by the “Seller Selection & Control” & the “Dispute Prevention & Handling” courses, providing a complete understanding of the risk elements in Factoring & Receivables Finance business.


This course is suitable for employees working in the international department, sales department, client management department, collection & operation department as well as in the risk monitoring department.


Students take an on-line multiple choice examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive a Proficiency Certificate.

Course duration

Course is available twice (2) a year, every January & July. The registration closes around the 15 of the month before the course starts. It is designed to be completed within two (2) months.


The course fee is Euro 150