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Technical Committees
Technical Committees

FCI Executive Committee has appointed Technical Committees.

1. Business & IT Solutions Committee (ComCom)
Over the years the Committee has been responsible for the various information exchange formats, from the original paper standardised reporting through the FACT system to, the FCI communication platform since 2002.

This Web EDI system is based on central processing and reporting, message validation and mail boxing which has the overall purpose of supporting the two-factor business of FCI members.

In summary, this committee has one main task: make the FCI members’ wishes regarding the communication on cross-border factoring become reality. With this objective, the Committee has launched in April 2022 the edifactoring 2.0.

But do not let the initial statement mislead you!  The COMCOM is not just a team of dedicated technicians developing tools to improve our members’ performance, but also a research centre continuously exploring new ideas and products to the same purpose.

Today the committee is composed of:

Sevil Dincer
Ms. Sevil DINCER, Chairwoman

TEB Faktoring, Turkey

Henrik Petersen

Nordea Finans, Denmark

Ms. Claudia REALE
Ms. Claudia REALE

Banca Ifis, Italy

Bent Smidt
Mr. Bent SMIDT

BNP Paribas Factor, Denmark

Mr Jonathan Croft
Mr. Joanthan CROFT (observer)

Société Générale, France

2. Education Committee (EdCom)
The principal task of the Education Committee is the development and implementation of FCI’s educational policy. 

Working closely with the Education Director and Deputy Education Director, the Education Committee supervise all FCI courses, decide on the modification of existing or on the release of new courses, decide on the development of new education manuals.
The Education Committee is responsible for the coordination, development and organization of education seminars, workshops and webinars.

 Dedicated to helping you achieve your education goals, at a time and place that suits you.

Currently the committee is composed of:

Philippe Gresta
Mr. Philippe GRESTA, Chairman

BNP Paribas Factor, France

Marina Azzara
Ms. Marina AZZARA

Banco Supervielle, Argentina

Doaa Hafez
Ms. Doaa HAFEZ

Egypt Factors, Egypt

Liu Vivid
Ms. Vivid LIU

China Construction Bank, China

3. Legal Committee (LegCom)
The FCI Legal Committee offers on continuous basis assistance to the FCI members in answering questions of a legal nature or relating in particular to the FCI GRIF.

For problem resolution between export factors and import factors, a more formal FCI Arbitration process is available, even though most conflicts are settled in an amicable manner, based on the strong ties which exist between most of the FCI members.

Today the legal experts of the committee are:

Richard Stehl
Mr. Richard Stehl, Chairman

Consultant, USA

Ulrich Brink
Mr. Ulrich BRINK

Bette - Westenberger - Brink Lawyers, Germany

Ms. Isabelle Henry
Ms. Isabelle HENRY

Société Générale, France

Jin Saibo
Mr. JIN Saibo

Consultant, China

Yuce Uyanik

Consultant, Turkey

Edward Wilde
Mr. Edward WILDE

Consultant, United Kingdom

4. Marketing & Communication Committee (MarCom)
Public Relations – Members Management – Product Development – Marketing of Education. Those are the four pillars on which their work is based.

Our Team of Marketing experts, usually representing members from all regions of the World, develops Marketing, PR and Promotion activities in order to fulfil our different aims.

FCI is focused on promoting the two-factor business, bringing FCI members new sources of revenue and encouraging the sharing of the intrinsic knowledge inside our network.

 More Members   >    More Volume    >      More Revenues

Currently, the committee is composed of:

Ms. Chung Huei (Sarah) PON
Ms. Chung Huei (Sarah) PON, Chairwoman

UniCredit Factoring, Italy

Joao Costa Pereira

Banco Ourinvest, Brazil

Mr Danny Hsu
Mr. Danny HSU

Taishin International Bank, Taiwan

Ananda Sengupta

ICICI Bank, India

Mr. Andrew WILSON
Mr. Andrew WILSON

The CIT Commercial Services, United States of America

5. Supply Chain Finance Committee (SCF Com)
The SCF Committee has been created to analyse how FCI can develop a role and how it can provide added value to the Institutions developing other products such as Supply Chain Finance, not forgetting invoice discounters, forfaiters, etc.

This is the aim of the Committee and, with the assistance of a group of experienced specialists chosen among our members, we are certain it will succeed in achieving this important goal and design the future of FCI.

The Committee is currently helping to promote and support the FCIreverse platform.

Mrs. Monica FERNANDEZ BARBERO, Chairwoman

Caixabank, Spain

Christine Chartie
Ms. Christine CHARTIER

National Bank of Canada, Canada

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Mr. Ilyas KHAN

Citi, UK

Simon Peterman

Raiffeisen Factor Bank, Austria

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profile icon

Santander Factoring Sp. z o.o, Poland

6. Compliance Committee
FCI’s Compliance Committee

FCI’s Vision is to be the Global Association for the Open Account Receivables Finance Industry. To that end, we endorse the prevention of financial crime and respect for regulatory compliance and conduct. The Compliance Committee was established to develop a compliance policy, both internal and external, to ensure that all laws, regulations and FCI Core Values are in place and to better understand the risks associated with FCI’s business activities. The Executive Committee established the Compliance Committee to oversee the compliance activities of FCI, to which it reports. Their responsibility includes:

  • Creates, maintains and advises on FCI’s compliance policies
  • Develops minimum standards, tailored to its needs;
  • Advises on the KYC questionnaire and procedures and its continuous improvement;
  • Sets up and maintains a repository of statutory actions in case of non-compliance
  • Recommends disciplinary actions in case of violation of policy;
  • Conducts workshops and seminars on best practices in compliance
  • Contributes opinions and updates for the FCI Newsletters and Website;
  • Liaises with other committees to ensure an integrated approach to compliance risk;
  • Suggests other activities for the proper and effective compliance for FCI and its members.

Currently, the members of the Compliance Committee are:

Ms. Mary FARLEY_ FCI Committee Headshots
Ms. Mary FARLEY, Chairwoman

The CIT Group/Commercial Services, United States of America

Joost Vastenavontd

BNP Paribas Fortis Factor, Belgium

Mr. Antonio RUSSO
Mr. Antonio RUSSO

UniCredit Factoring S.p.A., Italy

Ms. Soo Kun ENG
Ms. Soo Kun ENG

Standard Chartered, Singapore

Ms. Ghada SHAMS
Ms. Ghada SHAMS

Egypt Factors, Egypt

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