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FCI Legal Study
FCI 2023 Legal Study
FCI Legal Study on Factoring
FCI Launched the first Factoring Legal Study covering 91 countries


This is really a historic moment, with the launch of the UNIDROIT Factoring Model Law, the IFC/World Bank Factoring Regulatory Guide, and this FCI Factoring Legal Study, all three very important and complimentary documents, that will help elevate the industry to new heights, especially supporting the emerging markets where factoring has yet to develop.   We have been working for a number of years on all three projects and we are pleased and excited to make this trio of legal and regulatory instruments available to the members for the very first time.

As the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables, FCI supports the development of the proper legal and regulatory infrastructure needed for the industry to strive.  A proper legal and regulatory framework permits the industry to ensure that all factoring transactions are from a legal and regulatory perspective supported, to ensure that investors have proper redress in the local courts in case of need, which increases investor confidence and protections afforded to the factoring and receivables finance community. FCI supports our members to be properly equipped to have the necessary knowledge about all of the markets FCI serves today.

Since 2013, the European Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance industry (EUF) has been conducting its unique comparative legal study for the factoring and commercial finance industry which covers 27 EU countries and six benchmark markets as well.

This year, FCI decided to expand the Legal Study to incorporate all of the other markets FCI serves today.  Questionnaires were sent to an additional 60 countries outside the EU to complete the Legal Study to offer our members both within FCI and the EUF the ability to possess a more global picture.  This combined Legal Study, which covers 91 countries in total is the most extensive and comprehensive Receivables Finance Legal Study that has ever been produced. 

The Study will now allow all members to find important legal and regulatory information by country in just one location.

No doubt, this study took time as it required extensive and detailed questions presented to our members about the legal and regulatory landscape in their respective markets, a highly informative document providing many in our industry an insight that has never before been made available in such a global format. Mr. Yüce UYANIK, Member of the FCI Legal Committee, led and conducted this study as part of the ongoing work of our association’s mandate as voice of the factoring, receivables and supply chain finance industry. 

FCI once again would like to thank all FCI and EUF members who participated in answering the survey, for their invaluable contribution to this unique study that sheds a light on the future of the legal and regulatory landscape of the receivable finance industry globally.  

How can I have access to the study?

The study is available for free for FCI members here (in the private library). For the non-members that are interested in the study, it’s available for purchase at 750€ (this includes both the EUF and FCI Legal Study which covers 91 countries). If you are interested, please send an email to fci@fci.nl .

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