How does FCI two-factor system work?
Why should SMEs use factoring?

Factoring protects lots of our clients and was very helpful during the last crisis.

First it brings liquidity, oxygen, for a day-to-day solution that companies really need.

And then security because of its protection against insolvency. 

So at the end, factoring is really mandatory for companies that suffer during the crisis.

And then cash collection also can be really helpful for SMEs that cannot have the possibility to do it internally so this is a way to have safe and secured  company to do it. We offer the best working capital solutions. And we are maybe better than our banks because we are really so close to our clients and companies, our clients and their debtor. We are in the working capital

In summary liquidity, security and also cash collection.

The proof of the protective effect of factoring, is in the case of claims and payment under guarantee, PUA. That means when you are a near to an insolvency. You can find for clients ways to find solutions. So at the end, this protection is key and let me say that without factoring or working capital solutions, like factoring supply chain, it’s difficult. But if you’re not present, if you don’t have the support of credit insurance, in the end, you can’t do it alone. So in challenging situations, or business, it can be really helpful.



Our business brings a lot of continuity to our clients and that’s really the main point of the three/four effect. And it is truly in the real economy. We are in the real economy, we are in contact with our clients but also their buyers. That’s why we know maybe better our clients and better the payment terms than maybe some competitive products within the banks ? In summary, continuity and dealing day after day with real economy are the two elements that in my view are keys of success for our industry.

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