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How does FCI two-factor system work?
What is the great fascination about FCI?

FCI is a great organization. FCI is a big network in which you can have friends; you can have experience and knowledge. FCI is not only a business chain, with its business ethics and education activities; it is a global organization with 400 members in 94 countries.

Being a member of the world's biggest factoring association opens many doors to its members.

Factoring is one of the most important and fastest financial instrument in times of crisis. FCI members mutually demonstrated their support to their clients during the pandemic. 

Three products under one umbrella:

We provide financing facilities and collection to improve the cash flow of the exporter. We provide %100 credit protection against bad debts and customer insolvency. Through factoring, the exporter can offer his buyers more competitive payment terms, thus expanding the overseas markets and increasing business turnover. As a sustainable, crisis-proof, and flexible financial tool, factoring ensures liquidity, security, and collection service for our SMEs and corporate clients during the pandemic.

Turkey is one of the biggest export factoring countries in the world. Turkish factoring companies were ranked as the world's best export factoring companies every year since 2009.

TEB Factoring is the first and only company rewarded seven times as the winner of the “Best Export Factoring” company in FCI. We are very proud being the best export company in FCI.

More and more Turkish banks and commercial factoring companies began to offer factoring services, and successively joined FCI. Today, FCI has 20 members in Turkey and became actually one of the biggest networks.

In 52 years since its establishment, FCI has increased the volume of transactions with its members across challenges and opportunities. FCI has worked for the development of factoring, rules, and regulations of the factoring industry in every continent. Today, the global factoring industry reached nearly EUR 3 trillion in 2019.

FCI provides us an efficient platform to communicate within our membership effectively. Edifactoring is very user friendly, and it becomes more secure with a new technology of Blockchain. Similar to the swift system, edifactoring is a proven, secure, and reliable exchange.

As a legal infrastructure, the FCI offers us highly understandable, easy-to-apply legal rules, from international factoring rules, edifactoring, and correspondent relations.

International Importer and Exporters


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