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Advanced Course on Factoring – Level 3

(For FCI Members Only)


The FCI Advanced Course is the third and last level of FCI’s 3-Level Career Path programme. The course elaborates on the risk issues and legal considerations in Factoring. Its syllabus includes topics on Seller selection & control, Buyer risk control, Dispute prevention & handling as well as a detailed reference to the FCI legal framework. Moreover, it enhances the knowledge of students by introducing the complementary services of Purchase order management & Invoice verification that are available to FCI members.


The course is primarily aimed at senior specialists within the factoring & receivables finance function and senior relationship, business development, risk management and compliance professionals from mid-management. For new and/or smaller members of FCI, senior managers are considered as part of this group.


Students sit for an on-line multiple choice interim exam and a final written examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive the FCI Gold Diploma on Factoring.

The Course requires the successful completion of the Intermediate Course (Level 2).

Course duration

The course is available twice (2) a year, every January and July. The registration closes around the 15 of the month before the course starts.

It is designed to be completed within four (4) months (including the on-line multiple choice interim examination) plus one (1) month for the final written examination.


The course fee is Euro 400.