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Intermediate Course on Factoring – Level 2

(For FCI Members Only)


The FCI Intermediate Course is the second level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme. It is the natural next step from the FCI Foundation Course. It provides the student with detailed knowledge on the Principles of the two-factor system, describing in detail its Operating & basic legal rules. It further elaborates into best business practices in operations including the proper and efficient use of and EDI rules.


The course is primarily aimed at those participants operating at junior or experienced levels who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the FCI two-factor system. It is significantly more detailed than the Foundation Course and requires students to have a minimum of 12 months experience in factoring.

The Course requires the successful completion of the Foundation Course (Level 1).

Important notice: Students that wish to directly study for the Intermediate Course – Level 2 without completing the Foundation Course - Level 1, need to sit and pass a special proficiency exam. This exam will test their knowledge on the basics of factoring, two-factor operations and FCI.  

The proficiency exam will be an on-line multiple choice test which can be taken in December for the January course and in June for the July course. Participants are only permitted to take the proficiency exam once.


Students sit for an online multiple-choice interim exam and an online final essay-type examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive the FCI Silver Diploma on Factoring and are eligible to step to Level 3 of the Career Path (Advanced Course).

*For Career Path Levels 2 course, the programme allows a retake attempt of the final exam for those students who passed the interim online exams but failed the respective final exam in the previous term. If required, a retake can be purchased for Eur 60, please register for the retake online.

Course duration

The course is available twice (2) a year, every January and July. The registration closes on the 24 of the month before the course starts.

It is designed to be completed within four (4) months (including the online multiple-choice interim examination) plus one month for the final written examination.


The course fee is Euro 275