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Buyer Risk Control Course


Buyers in Factoring constitute the largest number of companies in a Factor’s portfolio. Although they are not financed, our decisions for financing the seller depend almost exclusively on their financial performance & payment behavior. This course is focusing on the important task of correctly assessing buyers, so that factors may feel safe before financing sellers. It is complemented by the “Seller Selection & Control” & the “Dispute Prevention & Handling” courses, providing a complete understanding of the risk elements in Factoring & Receivables Finance business.


This course is suitable for employees working in the international department, sales department, client management department, collection & operation department as well as in the risk monitoring department.


Students take an on-line multiple choice examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive a Proficiency Certificate.

Course duration

The course is available on demand.

You will get access to the course once we have received your payment. If you don't receive an email with the request for payment, please check your spam or contact us by email.


The course fee is Euro 150 for FCI members and Euro 200 for non-members.

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