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Discover in this page references to publications on Factoring and Receivables Finance, sorted by countries and regions

Ensuring Payables Finance Remains a Force for Good - The Global Supply Chain Finance Forum addresses the concerns head-on

Blockchain & DLT in Trade: a Reality Check
Deepesh Patel (TFG) & Emmanuelle Ganne (WTO)
TFG Publishing Limited

Factors and Actors: A global perspective on the Present, Past and Future of Factoring
Edited by Patrick de Villepin
Peter Lang Publisher

The Factoring Journey
Claes-Olof Livijn
re-edition in 2018
(to order it, please contact FCI)

EUF Legal Study
Factoring, ABL & Receivables Finance; A Study of Legal Environment across Europe

Factoring and Commercial Finance: an Introduction

EBRD Legal Study on Factoring

Standard Definitions for Techniques of Supply Chain Finance

WTO Working paper on SCF and SME's: evidence from International Factoring Data
Marc Auboin, Harry Smythe and Robert Teh

Legal Basics of International Factoring
Dr. Ulrich Brink

International factoring and development: the impact of the Factoring Model Law 2014
Rosana Bastos Alarcon (Brazil)

The Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) a new start for Supply Chain Finance
Andre Casterman, Global Head of Corporate and Supply Chain Markets, SWIFT

Export Financing For SME’s : The role of (reverse) Factoring
Leora Klapper, Senior Financial Economist at The Worldbank


EUF White Paper: Factoring and Commercial Finance

Working out in Europe 
Article by Richard Hawkins, published in “The Secured Lender”

EUF Newsletter
EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance
Autumn 2023

EUF Yearbook
EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance

The AR Factor
GE Capital’s AR Factor report assesses the benefits that Accounts Receivable (AR) finance brings to Europe’s four lagest national economies, as well as the individual business it funds


Brazil Regulation on Credit Insurance and Basel Capital Relief
Brazil Ministry of Finance - Central Bank publishes regulations that should generate credit insurance growth.


APFF Interim report August 2014 
Asian Pacific Financial Forum reports to APEC Finance Ministers on initiatives to improve financial markets and services in Asian Pacific Region
Executive summary

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Does factoring improve SME access to finance?
An empirical study across developing countries
by Thijmen Kaster
Erasmus University, Netherlands, 2014

Factoring: een juridische analyse
Braeckmans, H.
1979 - CED/Samson. Brussel

Maandblad voor accountancy en bedrijfshuishoudkunde   
Overdruk Jaargang 41 nr 4/5

Beuving, J.
1996 - W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink, Zwolle

Financiele Notities dl II
Scheffer, C.F., Prof., Dr.
1968 - N.V. Uitgeversmij. v/h Delwel's Gravenhage.

Factoring. Een hulpmiddel
Voorthuysen, W. Dr.
1979 - bij het innen van vorderingen.
Samson. Brussel

'De Factoring'
Centrum voor Productiviteitsbevordering
1965 - V.Z.W. In: Document 6

Factoring - Regulatory Framework in Croatia
Silvana Knezevic, HANFA (Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency)   

Factoring. A Comparative Analysis
Birgitte Bjørn    
1995 - Jurist - og Økonomforbundets Forlag

Tout savoir l'affacturage
Michel Rachline & Michel Aussavy
1996 - Factofrance Heller, France   

L'Assurance Credit
Jean-Pierre Deschanel, Laurent Lemoine
1996 - Que sais-je?
Presses Universitaires de France 

Le Factoring
Chambre Nationale des Conseillers Financiers
1966 - Soc. d'Editions Economiques et Financières. Paris 8e

The Success Story of Factoring
Patrick de Villepin
2015 - The Association for Promotion & History of Factoring

Le Factoring.
Gerbies, J.
1970 - Dunod. Editeur Paris. 

Le Factoring
Rolin, S.
1972 - une prise charge des créances
Gerard & Co. Verviers. 

Le Factoring
Noly, R
Centre Francais des Conseillers Financiers

Jean-Pierre Deschanel, Laurent Lemoine
1993 - Que sais-je?
Presses Universitaires de France 

'Le cadre juridique du Factoring'.
Zenner, A.   
1972 - Periodique bimensuel nr.197 mai

Le Factoring
Sussfeld, L.E.
1968 - Presse Universitaire de France Paris.

Binder-Degenschild, Leo und Schandor, Günther    
Praxis und Rechtsnatur in Österreich
2003 - Springer/Bank Verlag Wien

20 Jahre Factoring in Deutschland.
Deutsche Factoring Bank
Institut der Sparkassen   

Factoring Heute
Deutsche Factoring Bank
Institut der Sparkassen 

'Factoring als Treuhand'
Eugen, P    
Finanzierungs und Sicherungsinstrument offener Kurzfristiger Buchforderungen in der Schweiz. 

Das Factoring Geschaft
Schmitt, R.M.    
1968 - Fritz Knapp Verlag. Frankfurt
Factoring Handbuch
Hagenmuller, K.F. Prof. Dr., und Sommer, H.J.    
1997 (third edition) - Fritz Knapp Verlag. Frankfurt.

Factoring From Theory to Practice
George Karagiannopoulos
2015, Sakkoulas Editions
Publication in Greek

Ψυχομάνης Σ.Δ. (1996),
Το Factoring ως Σύμβαση Πρακτορείας Επιχειρηματικών Απαιτήσεων,
Θεσσαλονίκη, Εκδόσεις Σάκκουλα
(Factoring as a Contract of trade debt factoring services)

Γεωργιάδης, Α.Σ. (2000),
Νέες Μορφές Συμβάσεων της Σύγχρονης Οικονομίας.
Leasing, Factoring, Forfaiting, Franchising,
Αθήνα – Κομοτηνή, Εκδόσεις Αντ. Ν. Σάκκουλα 
(New Forms of Contracts of the Modern Economy Leasing, Factoring, Forfaiting, Franchising)

Περβολαράκη, Ε. (2006).
Η δημοσιότητα στο leasing, στο factoring και στο πλασματικό ενέχυρο. Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Σάκκουλα (Publicity in leasing, factoring and fictitious pledge)

Κοντός, Γ. (2007).
Λογιστική Τραπεζών και Εταιριών
Leasing & Factoring.
Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Διπλογραφία
(Accounting of Banks and Leasing & Factoring Companies)

Il Factoring e i problemi
Bianchi, B.
1970 - Gestionali che comporta
G. Giappichelli, Torino  

Il Factoring.
Fossati, G., Porro, A.
1980 - A. Giuffre. Milano

Il Factoring.
Ruozi, R., Oliva, G.G.    
1981 - Milano.Tascabili 24 Ore, Milano 
Manuale Del Factoring
Ruozi R., Rossignali B.    
1985 - Giuffre, Milano 

Documentazione sul Factoring.
Tagliarini, F., Dr.     
Una Moderna Tecnica di Gestione
Tagliarini, F., Dr    
1974 - Aziendale il Factoring
Il Veltro Roma 

Factoring Finansiering og
Ulven, G.
Administratie Tjenester Bankakademiet
Tandberg & Jensen. Oslo

Polski faktoring w Lidze Mistrzow
Interviewed for Czwartek, Dodatek specjalny
19/09/2013, Warsaw, Poland

Jestesmy gotowi wprowadzic faktoring w nowa ere
Interviewed for Czwartek, Dodatek specjalny, 19/09/2013, Warsaw, Poland

The World of Crowdsourcing: examples, success stories, application in the Receivables Finance Industry.
Mikhail Treyvish, CEO Omnigrade and Board Member of IFG, Russia.

Factoring, Infra-M (In Russian)
2018 - Ilya Pokamestov, Mikhail Lednev 

Die Regsbetrekkinge
Joubert, N.L.    
1986 - Kredietfactorering Sentrum vir Bankreg. Rau.

Cuardernos 13
Hoyos, F.L.
Biblioteca Felaban.

Cuardernos 13
Hoyos, F.L.
Biblioteca Felaban.

Studies in Financial History
Livijn, C.O.    
1971 - Salj Finans AB.

Factoring 5000 years part I, II, III.
Livijn, C.O.   
Svenska Finans AB.

Faktoring kurallari
Uyanık, Yüce
2002 – Faktoring Dernegi, Turkey

Fundamentals of Factoring
David B.Tatge & Jeremy B. Tatge,
September 2012

American Factoring Law
David B.Tatge, David Flaxman, Jeremy B. Tatge and Robert Franklin  
Bloomberg BNA 2009 with 2017 Cumulative Supplement

Davidson, Nigel Salinger on Factoring
Mills, Simon - Ruddy, Noel
2005 - Sweet & Maxwell.Thomson, U.K.

Dun & Bradstreets Hand book of Modern Factoring.
Dun & Bradstreet    
Thomas & Crowell Cy.

International Factoring
Cox, A.N. and MacKenzie, J.A.    
1986 - Euromoney Publications
Understanding Factoring & Trade Credit
Crighton & Ferrier    
1986 - Waterlow Publishers, London 

The financing of small business.
Bates, J.
1971 - Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. London.

Factoring in the U.K. (5th Edition)      
Bickers, M
BCR Publishing Bromley, Kent. 
World Factoring Yearbook
Bickers, M.
BCR Publishing Bromley, Kent.

Law and Practice of Credit Factoring
Biscoe, P.M., LL.B (hons) U.M.
1975 - Butterworths.

Balance sheets and the Lending Banker.     
Clemens, J.H.
1961 - Europe Publisher Ltd. London.

A Guide to Asset Based Finance 
A short glossary of terms published by ABFA 
May 2009
The Business of Factoring
Hawkins, David    
1993 - McGraw-Hill Book Company Europe
Commercial Financing
Lazare, M.R.    
1986 - The Ronald Press Cy. New York

Factoring and Finance
Forman, M., BSC and Gilbert, J. ACA
1976 - Heinemann. London.

Modern Business Reports    
The manual of modern
1976 - credit and collection practises
New York, Edition Third Avenue, New York 
'Factoring, A Unique and Important Form of Financing and Service.'
Moore, C.G.
Reprint The Business Lawyer 
Modern Factoring
Naitove, I.
1969 - American Management Ass. Inc. 

Management of Trade credit.
Hutson, T.G., Butterworth,    
1968 - Gower Press Ltd. London. 
Credit Management Handbook
National Association of Credit Management
1965 - Richard D. Irwin Inc. Homewood, Illinois

Finance for Management.
Page, C.S., Canaway, E.E.    
1969 - Heinemann. London

The Story of the Factor
Foulke, R.A.    
1953 - Dun and Bradstreet Inc.

History of Factoring
2011 supplement to “American Factoring Law” by David B.Tatge, David Flaxman, Jeremy B. Tatge (BNA Books)
2011, USA

Asset-Based Finance Proven Disciplines for Prudent Lending
Udell, Gregory F.
2004 - The Commercial Finance Association

4th edition - Factoring - The Law and Practice of Invoice
Salinger, F.R    
2017 - Sweet & Maxwell Ltd., London 

The History of Asset-Based Lending
Rutberg, Sidney   
1994 - The Commercial Finance Association 

Factoring and the Accountant in Practice
Salinger, F.R
1987 - Tolley Publishing Cy. Ltd.

Factoring and the Lending Banker
Salinger, F.R.
1986 - Tolley Publishing Cy. Ltd.       

Full Faith and Credit
Wilson, W.L.
The Story of C.I.T. Financial Corp 1908 - 1975.
1975 - Random House, New York.

Accounts receivable financing as a method of securing Business Loans
Phelps, C.W.    
1969 - Ed. Division of Commercial Credit Cy. Baltimore 

'The Role of Factoring in Modern Business Finance,'
Phelps, C.W. 
1964 - Studies in Commercial Financing no. 1
Ed. Division of Commercial Credit Cy. Baltimore.  

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