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Introduction to Factoring and Receivables Finance Course


The course aims to enhance your skills and enrich your knowledge on this form of finance that shows significant growth during the last decades and that supports the physical Supply Chain and economic development (FCI & WTO data).


The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of Factoring & Receivables Finance, employed in the Finance Industry, Business & Corporates that participate in the physical Supply Chain as well as for University students and Consulting & Law firms.


This course is comprised of nine (9) mini-modules and includes videos, animations, case studies and an assessment section. Participants can pause and re-start their e-study anytime during the designated course period.

Course duration

Study time is on average 4-5 learning hours. Students can study the course at their own pace within a period of 2 months. Participants who successfully pass the on-line multiple-choice exam covering the study material shall receive a “Certificate of Completion of the Introduction to Factoring & Receivables Finance Course”.

The course starts on the first day of each month. The cut-off date for registrations is the 24th day of the previous month. 

You will receive your login details and further instructions / information on the first day of the course provided we received the remittance.


The course fee is Euro 100.- per student

*If you register as a representative of a company and the invoice will be paid by your company (you need an invoice), please use this link. Be aware that you need to have your Company Registration Code: NXXXXXXX. If you don't have it, please fill in the contact form to request your company code