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Risk Management
Risk Management

The FCI Community includes key Risk Management providers to the Industry and Members have access to their leading edge and innovative solutions. 

Equiniti Riskfactor

Since 1997 Equiniti Riskfactor has been providing commercial finance companies around the world with the most intuitive and comprehensive software tools available in the marketplace to manage accounts receivable and other asset based collateral for portfolio risk managers.

Our aim is to provide risk managers at all levels with better, faster, more accurate and more comprehensive ways to extract, evaluate and act on the information they need to successfully manage their portfolios. We have achieved this by having experienced risk managers design our applications which then collate and analyse information so vital to making quality decisions in managing risk portfolios.

You can also find more info here 

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MNS Credit Management Group

MNS Credit Management Group (MNS), a premier international Debt Collection company in India since 1996, offers competent services in commercial Debt Collection, Business Information Reports, and Legal Consultation at a global level.

Headquartered in New Delhi, having offices across India and associates the world over, MNS is a nationally and internationally respected credit management company that provides a full range of services to clients around the world.

As a longstanding member of the world’s largest and most extensive global network of collection specialists, MNS have a proven track record of successfully helping creditors manage their overdue invoices, credit and receivables, wherever they are located.  Having accumulated vast experience over two decades in Debt Collection and the Indian Legal system, MNS is proud to be recognized as one of the most professional companies following ethical, fair and internationally accepted debt collection practices in our vertical in the country and to be in a position to leverage the best of our staff’s and technological know-how and soft skills to ensure appreciable results—continuously.

In addition to the highly experienced multilingual debt management specialists and credit analysts, MNS comprises a group of seasoned lawyers, management professionals, chartered accountants and other financial specialists. Our entire process of collection is always in a diplomatic manner without spoiling the existing business relationship between the creditor and the debtor.

To learn more, visit our website www.mnscredit.com

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