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EU Factoring Summit

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Rome, Italy,

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Rome, Italy,

Organised by EUF and FCI, the EU Factoring Summit is the only conference organised by the Industry for the Industry

FCI and EUF represent over 98% of all European market players. This seventh Summit is a unique opportunity for Industry Leaders to network and address topics that really matter for the Factoring Industry.

The programme will address the latest updates, promoting and celebrating the impact of the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry which supports the real economy and employment in Europe.

  • Get an update on the most recent evolutions on the European Factoring scene, both in terms of figures as in terms of products offered.
  • Understand from the panellist the definition of Default Regulations: What are the implications and actions?
  • What is the factoring industry like in Italy?
  • What roused the factoring industry in 2021? Report from EUF Technical Committees.
  • What are the consequences of the late payment directive?
  • What are some key takeaways from the updated Legal Study?
  • Where are the Fintech Developments and Technology going?
  • What is the digital finance agenda of the EU Commission?

The event will be available for both onsite and online participants. Online participants will have access to a platform that will broadcast the event taking place in Rome and allow them to network with others attendees.

Hotel Details

Via dei Gracchi, 324, 00192 Rome Italy

Reservations +39 06 328481


The special rate secured by EUF and FCI has now ended, however, you may still book a room at the hotel price.

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