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Adjusting Learning to the New Working Patterns – On-Demand Online Courses
New courses available on FCI Academy On-Demand

New working models have been developed to support the need for business continuity during the pandemic, now becoming more standardised due to the positive elements that organizations & employees experienced. 

As a result, hybrid working models, home working and remote working are now allowing for flexible management of human resources. Our industry is not excluded from these transformations. The feedback from our members and other industry stakeholders is quite clear: flexibility in our HR management, working hours adjustments to individual needs, and on-demand & personalised learning. 

On-demand learning is aligned with employees’ specific training needs, making adequate learning material immediately available to develop skills further and support growth. Win-win for all! 

It has been one of our most important achievements to make most of our courses available on an “on-demand” basis. It required a change in our education strategy and an investment in our LMS & registration process. We gradually started from our short, entry-level “Introduction to Factoring & Receivables Finance” course, continued with our new “Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring” course and recently with the launch of all languages “Fundamentals to Domestic & International Factoring” course. Practically, any student can start any course a few minutes after completing the registration & fee payment process. 

In addition, we are happy to inform you that our Specialised Courses are now available under the “on-demand” structure, namely: 

Following the changes and adjusting to on-demand is one of our competitive advantages. FCI Academy remains committed to this principle and will continue to support our Receivables and Payables Finance industry by offering high-level & effective learning at the moment of need!

This article was written by Mr Spyros Tsolis, FCI Deputy Education Director, for the August 2023 edition of the FCI In-Sight Newsletter.

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