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BCR Publishing World Factoring Yearbook 2023 out now
World Factoring Yearbook 2023 out now
9 August 2023

A comprehensive, inside view of the changing face of global factoring

Featuring factoring statistics, market reviews and company directories from 38 countries worldwide, the World Factoring Yearbook 2023 is an essential point of reference for the receivables finance industry.

Commenting on the release Mihaela Thiem, Editor of the World Factoring Yearbook 2023, said: “The global factoring industry is being characterised as one of increasing change and evolution as well as impressive growth and as such keeping up to date with those advances is more important than ever. The Yearbook again confirms that it is the authoritative reference document for the global factoring industry”.

The World Factoring Yearbook 2023 shows the key developments in the factoring industry today, including:

  • Dynamic factoring volume growth way above inflation rates
  • More than half of Europe reported 20% + growth
  • South America: much stronger growth than in 2021
  • Mixed Fortunes in Asia
  • Spectacular performance by India – 83% growth in volume
  • Non-recourse factoring gaining ground, especially in Europe
  • More countries report growth in reverse factoring
  • Disappointment in US and UAE
  • Much less concern about fintech competition
  • Wider economic concerns: the global economy, liquidity problems, debt levels, tighter bank lending, interest rates

In his introduction to the 2023 edition of the World Factoring Yearbook, Peter Mulroy, Secretary General of FCI, (the world’s largest network of factoring companies), says that the global factoring growth of 18.3% in 2022 was “nothing short of sensational,” and that maybe it will never be repeated. The global market rose by nearly EUR 600bn, which has never happened before. It was, without doubt, an exceptional year.

Plus timely, thought-provoking articles for our rapidly changing world:

  • Cloud factoring applications: a must for receivables finance
  • How to successfully replace a monolith factoring system with microservices - the strangler pattern in use
  • Key questions for your technology transformation
  • International trade and geopolitics: from the great illusion to Thucydides’ trap
  • AI and receivables finance – are we ready?
  • Reinforcing protections against default in challenging times
  • How embedded finance gives corporations an edge in the market
  • The power of factoring in sustainability: unlocking a path to a greener future

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