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FCI counts another Member in the Netherlands: Facevalue

Facevalue is a Dutch FinTech platform that provides working capital solutions and specializes in global accounts receivable and payable finance to SMEs and mid-market corporations.

Our multi-investor platform utilises demand-based economies of scale and leverages  collaboration with large digital user communities that facilitate efficient exchange of financial statements, invoice and procurement data.

Facevalue is well supported by institutional bank and non-bank investors that finance the accounts receivables and payables it purchases. As a platform operator we perform a pivotal role between businesses and investors that rely on the integrity of our systems and operations to manage risk and enforce governance. Facevalue acts as a direct lender and master servicer and collaborates with global transaction banks that prefer to contract directly with clients and only use our systems and appoint us as master servicer.

Our end-to-end serving function includes origination and compliance on-boarding, credit analysis data handling, transaction ledgers, matching and reconciliation of transactions, legal, assignment and perfection, credit insurance management and collections.

Facevalue provides transparent standardised reporting and visualisation that analyses credit and concentration risk on the performance of the underlying receivables and payables relative to each investor’s eligibility criteria, thresholds and limits accessible via our secure online portal and via API, or secure transfer.

“We are delighted to join the FCI fraternity. Facevalue respects and acknowledge the complexities of open account international trade finance and view FCI as an indispensable organisation to facilitate and standardise the trade in accounts receivables and payables. As an international non-bank participant we hope to benefit from the collective wisdom of the members and the organisation and hope to make a meaningful contribution by sharing our knowledge and insights around technology and the development of accounts receivables as an asset class.” – Neels Bornman, Chief Executive of Facevalue