Linking the Foundation Course together with the Intermediate and Advanced Courses to create the “FCI Career Path”, a cohesive three
stage development process which supports your staff from a first stage as “Career Entrants” through to “Seasoned Professionals”.

The “Career Path” is an education plan consisting of three steps, which will meet the training requirements of your staff regardless of knowledge and experience level.

Foundation course


  • An overview of factoring
  • FCI 
  • Seller selection & acquisition
  • Managing the seller

Intermediate course



The FCI Intermediate Course is the second level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme. It is the natural next step following the FCI Foundation Course.

  • Principles of the two-factor system
  • Operating rules & basic legal rules of the two-factor system
  • Best business practices in operations 
  • Use of and EDI rules



Advanced course



The FCI Advanced Course is the third level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme.

  • Seller selection & control
  • Buyer risk control
  • Dispute prevention & handling
  • FCI legal framework
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice verification