Online Courses First Term 2018

Online From Thursday 4 January 00:00 to Thursday 4 January 00:00

Promotion Conference on Factoring in India, Mumbai

Mumbai, India From Wednesday 17 January 09:00 to Wednesday 17 January 14:30

FCI, in cooperation with its Indian Members and Factors Association of India (FAI) organise a promotion conference to promote factoring in India

Regional Conference on Factoring in Africa, Dakar

Dakar, Senegal From Wednesday 7 February 09:00 to Thursday 8 February 14:00

FCI in cooperation with Afreximbank organise a conference on Factoring in Africa

4th EU Factoring Summit

Hilton Athens, Greece From Tuesday 6 March 13:30 to Wednesday 7 March 12:30

The EU Federation in cooperation with FCI are organising the 4th EU Factoring and Commercial Finance Summit, in Athens, Greece 

LEGAL SEMINAR on Legal Issues in Receivables Finance

Gruppo Banca Sistema Corso Monforte 20 20122 Milano From Wednesday 21 March 09:00 to Thursday 22 March 17:00

As a follow up to earlier legal seminars, the FCI Legal Committee is pleased to offer a new seminar “Legal Issues in Receivables Finance”. The programme will cover all key areas of the legal scheme with a special focus on everything there is to know about the General Rules of International Factoring (GRIF), the background of certain articles and the implications for day-to-day business