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Don’t forget to register for Regional Factoring Conference in Dubai

Don’t forget to register for the Regional Conference on Factoring in the Middle East will take place on the 21 February 2018 in Dubai. The registration deadline for the conference is extended until 4 February. FCI is organising a conference that will focus on two important new FCI initiatives in the open account space: • FCIreverse: this new platform creates for FCI members opportunities to diversify their traditional factoring activities and move into the “buyer-centric approved payables” reverse factoring area. • The “Islamic International Factoring framework”: this variation on the traditional two-factor scheme was prepared by FCI members and prospective members to allow Islamic Finance institutions to take part in international factoring activities based on FCI’s General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF). The one day event is set up in such a way that participants will receive very practical information and ideas for their own business environment. To register please use the online registration form on FCI website before 13 February.